Wuxi najialin anti-static clothing Co., Ltd. was a professional factory designated by the Ministry of electronic industry to produce anti-static purification clothing in the early days, and also one of the first batch of manufacturers to obtain the national industrial product production license issued by the Ministry of labor.

Relying on the international advanced conductive fiber, Wuxi's unique advantages in spinning, weaving and dyeing, and the cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, the company has specialized and refined its products. The products are exported to Japan, Singapore and more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. In 2002, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 "quality management system requirements" standard, so that the internal management of enterprises to a new level. Recently, the company has gained the right to import and export. The company will be in line with the principle of safety protection priority, small profit and quick turnover, and serve customers at home and abroad with enthusiasm.

The technical performance indexes of the main products are as follows:

Anti static work clothes: (after 100 times of washing, tested in low temperature environment with RH below 40%); charged charge < 0.6 Microcoulomb / piece; anti static fabric: charge surface density < 7 Microcoulomb / m2;

Antistatic shoes: resistance value 1.0x10 ° - 1.0x10 "ohm.