Anti static split suit

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Product specification (Reference)

size Suitable for height Suitable for bust
XS 150-156 74-84
S 156-162 78-88
M 162-168 82-92
L 168-174 86-96
XL 174-180 90-100
XXL 180-186 94-104
3XL 186-192 98-108

Product description

  • It can be made of 2.5mm mesh, 5mm mesh and 5mm stripe fabric
  • Front and middle zipper design (zipper exposed teeth), with oblique patch pocket on left and right
  • The waistband of the trousers is adjusted with elastic band, and there is no closing at the hem


  • Surface resistance:1x105Ω~1x109Ω
  • Friction voltage:≤100V(Special mesh fabric)
  • Static dissipation time:Less than 0.1s from 5000v to 500V


  • While ensuring the quality of the fabric, the anti-static jacket also uses polyester filament fiber thread and conducting wire to effectively prevent the dust generated by the seam itself and keep the performance of all parts of the garment connected
  • In the process of garment production, special sewing machine is used to effectively reduce the generation of particles and achieve good dust-proof effect
  • The fabric is made of high-quality polyester filament and imported conductive yarn. It has stable performance, good wear resistance, and is not easy to fuzz after long-term use

Scope of application

  • Applicable industries: semiconductor, liquid crystal, medical, computer peripheral manufacturing industries, etc
  • It is suitable for anti-static workshop

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